Hacettepe University Department of Political Science and Public Administration
The Grand National Assembly of Turkey
1924 | Mustafa Kemal Atatürk
"Under the paving stones, the beach”, Paris 1968 | Situationist Grafiti
Marchers for Woman Liberation, 1971
Cover Design for the "Society of the Spectacle" by Guy Debord
Estates General, 1789
Modern Times | Charlie Chaplin
Ankara, 1711

Hacettepe University 

Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, Department of Political Science and Public Administration, 06800, Beytepe, Ankara, TURKEY

Phone: +90 312 297 8725 - Fax: +90 312 297 8740

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Our University has four campus locations in total : Sıhhiye (Central), Beytepe and Beşevler Campuses are located within the city borders. Polatlı Campus is located in the neighbouring country of Ankara.


Sıhhiye Campus is situated in an area between Ulus and Hamamönü Districts, which are known as the earliest settlement areas of Ankara. The Campus is only a 10 or 15 minute walk from Sıhhiye, Kurtuluş, Opera and Samanpazarı Districts. You can reach Sıhhiye Campus by taking the bus number 230 with the route label "Hacettepe-Beytepe Kampüsü" or by taking either Ankaray Subway or local trains and getting off at the Kurtuluş Station. Visitors with private cars can drive into the Campus through Sıhhiye or Kurtuluş Gates. Paid car park number 5 is open 24 hours for private car parking.


Beytepe Campus is located at the 14th km. of the Ankara-Eskişehir Highway.

Taking Public Transportation

Ankara Metro

You can arrive at Beytepe Campus by taking the (M2) line "ANKARA METROSU-2 (KIZILAY ÇAYYOLU)".


In order to arrive at Beytepe campus, you can take the "130 BEYTEPE METRO İSTASYONU - BEYTEPE KAMPÜSÜ" bus on the Beytepe Bridge after getting off the subway at the Beytepe Station. For further information regarding the departure hours and the lines, please click here.

For further information regarding public transportation, please visit //www.ego.gov.tr/.

Private Car Driving

In order to drive for Beytepe Campus, you can take the Hacettepe Exit at the 14th km. of the Ankara-Eskişehir Highway and continue to the Main Gate (A). Entering Beytepe Campus through the Main Gate, it takes approximately 3 kms. up to the sign posts that direct drivers to particular in-campus destinations.

Note: The EGO buses and private shuttle buses depart from various locations of Ankara for Beytepe Campus during both Fall and Spring Terms. Further information can be obtained at the Beytepe EGO departure point or Kazan Turizm Contact Office. These services may not run during Summer Term or the registration periods (except for certain destinations).


This campus is in the Beşevler District. It is only a 1 or 2 minute walk from the Beşevler Station of Ankaray Subway.