Hacettepe University Department of Political Science and Public Administration
The Grand National Assembly of Turkey
1924 | Mustafa Kemal Atatürk
"Under the paving stones, the beach”, Paris 1968 | Situationist Grafiti
Marchers for Woman Liberation, 1971
Cover Design for the "Society of the Spectacle" by Guy Debord
Estates General, 1789
Modern Times | Charlie Chaplin
Ankara, 1711
Structure of the Program

Students should have a valid high school diploma, and they should be eligible acceptance based on their score in the nation-wide central university entrance examination conducted by the Measurement, Selection, and Placement Center (ÖSYM). International students are accepted to the program based on the application and acceptance standards periodically announced by the Hacettepe University Registrar’s Office, which are in line with the related regulations set forth by the Turkish Higher Education Council. Please contact the Registrar’s Office to obtain information on the acceptance of international students, within-university and external program transfers.

The program aims to provide its students with the scientific competency expected from an undergraduate student in political science and public administration and, more broadly, in related social science disciplines. Accordingly, our department gives students the chance to develop concentrations of coursework based on their academic interests. The program has an overlapping coverage of the sub-disciplines of Political Science and Public Administration, which can also be construed as separate tracks of study for students. The basic introductory courses of the first two years are covered from the perspective of both Political Science and Public Administration. In addition to courses in social sciences, the coursework includes the subject of law extensively. The department also aims to give students the chance to take elective courses from other departments as they see fit for their intellectual growth. The elective courses offered by the department constitute 69% of the coursework in the program. Departmental courses are offered around the main branches of study in the department, which are Political and Social Sciences, Administrative Sciences, Local Government and Politics, Public Policy, and Legal Studies. Hence, students have the opportunity to determine their coursework based on their interests and career plans.

In order to obtain the undergraduate degree, students should complete 240 ECTS (equivalent of 165 university credits) with a cumulative GPA of 2.00 over 4.00 and comply with the other conditions set forth in the Hacettepe University Undergraduate and Graduate Education and Examination Code.

The first four semesters of the program include the non-elective courses devoted to covering the fundamentals of Political Science and Public Administration. In addition, students can take non-departmental elective courses (at most 5% of the total ECTS required for graduation) and departmental elective courses in Political and Social Sciences, Administrative Sciences, Local Government and Politics, Public Policy, and Legal Studies. The program has a total of 89 courses 61 of which are elective. Departmental elective courses constitute 69% of all the coursework. The credit shares of elective and non-elective courses in total credits required for graduation are as follows:


Credit (National)


Total credit required for graduation



Non-elective (Must) course credits



Elective course credits



Non-elective (Must) course credit percentage

% 49

% 43

Elective course credit percentage

% 51

% 57

5% of the total credits required for graduation can be obtained from non-departmental elective courses as long as the elective course is offered in English.